An Exhaustive Guide on Toyota 86 For Sale UAE For Sports Enthusiasts

Toyota 86 Price and Specs in UAE

It’s been a long time coming, but the most hotly-anticipated sports car of the decade has finally made its showroom debut. Toyota’s 86 has been on the drawing board ever since Toyota acquired Scion, quite literally scribbled onto a napkin as an entry-level sports coupe.

Now, after several years of planning and conceptualization, the 86 (also going by the name FR-S) is ready to take on the world. It’s a collaboration with Subaru so it will be available under both nameplates.

The Toyota 86 for sale UAE is a sports coupe that will delight you on the track, but keep you engaged even when you shrug your cape off and join the ranks of lesser mortals on the road.

The best part 

As a car that can be driven every day, the Toyota 86 UAE is tough to beat. In addition to being affordable, it provides the driver with full engagement in the driving experience and excellent balance and feedback through the controls. It’s also incredibly tunable, making it even more fun.

Toyota 86 Quick Specs 

Engine Capacity2.0 L
Cylinders 4
Drive Type Rear Wheel Drive 
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Economy 7.1 (L/100km)
Horse Power 197 BHP 
Torque 205 Nm
Acceleration 8.2 (0-100 km/h(sec))
Price AED 116,500

Toyota 86 Drive 

The dedicated team behind this beautiful sports car has a true passion for design and performance. The 86 is a result of Toyota’s most skilled engineers and designers coming together to create something truly special.

The Toyota 86’s steering is responsive and precise, and its low coefficient of drag makes it extremely efficient. 

The Toyota 86 is a lot of fun to drive. It’s playful, sporty, and sharp through twisty corners, but it isn’t without its limits. At times you might have to keep a close hold of the steering wheel – after all, no machine can replace the skill of a great driver.

The handling is tight, and the steering is heavy. This combination of factors makes for a very responsive car, which is a joy to drive. But you might be mistaken in thinking that it’s a Toyota and a Subaru collaboration; this is actually a product of just one company! 

But this car feels even better than those models did when they were first introduced. And it will appeal to gadget-fed car enthusiasts right away!

Toyota 86 Controls and Cabin 

  • The new Toyota 86 cabin is refreshingly simple, as it has only the buttons you need to operate. 
  • It has Bluetooth and phone connectivity, a driver information screen, and an optional CD slot. 
  • The audio system is even better than it looks. You can use the cruise control switch if you drive an automatic-transmission car.
  • The Toyota 86 comes with all the standard safety features one would expect, but leather seats in the top-spec option are perhaps the only luxury in an 86’s cabin. 
  •  The red stitching on the seats complements the black trim and gives this car a sporty look. The rest of the cockpit uses cheaper plastics, but at least you have a nice-looking dashboard to look at – even though it’s not made of carbon fiber!

The sporty-looking seats, which convert to a ground-digging position, are a bit uncomfortable for most people. The car also has provisions for child safety seats, but not everyone finds the legless comfort in the cabin suitable for long drives.

The car is missing an armrest on the central console, and cup holders are placed awkwardly to access while driving. So if you feel like a drink while driving a Toyota 86, you should definitely have to stop for it!

The Cost Factors!

The new 86 is priced very attractively, and it’s easy to see why. At under 100K, you could get two and a half cars for the price of one fancy badge. The low cost comes largely from the collaboration between Toyota, Subaru, and Scion, which produced three different vehicles with identical engines and drivetrains. 

The cabin trim is also functional. For example, the console is simple, and there are few options for upgrading your mirrors. The only manual transmission costs about AED 95K, while automatic versions cost between AED 100K-125K.

As one of the best-handling sports cars you can buy, the 86 is a particular pleasure on a twisting road. In tight corners, the steering and neutral balance accuracy allow you to drive with enthusiasm and confidence. The pared-down interior is simple but functional, with comfortable seats and a standard touch screen for infotainment. For 2019, Toyota dropped a manual transmission from its list of options, making the automatic your only choice. Check for used or new Toyota 86 at

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