Top 10 Best Car Accessories shop In Dubai

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Car accessories enhance the appearance of your vehicle and make it move with elegance and quality. On the other hand, car accessories protect the vehicle from external wear and tear that might occur at any time. Here are a few good car accessories shop in Dubai where you can purchase top-notch stuff.

1) Al Taif Car Accessories

Al Taif car accessories were founded in 1965, with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and branches around the UAE. Al Taif has been one of Dubai’s most widely recognized automotive accessory companies since it opened its doors.  


Al Taif mainly manufactures vehicle paints, car alarms, parking sensors, automobile multimedia goods, DVD systems, and so on.

It typically offers things like multimedia and navigation systems, security and engine start systems, tinting accessories, polishes, air fresheners, and so on.

Al Taif works with brands such as Roadrover, Easyone, Clayton, Blazer, Diamond, Tamarack, and Plasma.

Contact Al Taif Car Accessories

Phone Number 04 271 2001


Al Musalla Road, Deira, Dubai, UAE, beside the Hyatt Regency.

2) Bab Al Satwa Car Accessories

Bab Al Satwa has been providing automobile services for 10 years and consistently strives to suit the needs of its customers.  


Bab Al Satwa, with its skilled team, provides car-related items and services such as batteries, radiators, tires, amplifiers, steerings, car seats, and so on.

Contact Bab Al Satwa Car Accessories

Phone Number 971508983890 


D90, Dubai, UAE

3) Car Mart

Car-Mart was founded in 1984 with the goal of providing clients with premium products at reasonable and competitive prices. Car Mart exports goods to the GCC, Russia, Africa, and other places.


Car-Mart has been in business for 26 years and offers vehicle-related items and services such as Car mats, cushions, car pads, steering covers, sun shades, booster cables, mirrors, air compressors, etc.

Car-Mart sells brands such as Carall, GetF1, J&T Beaven, Soft99, and others.

Contact Car Mart

Phone Number 9714271333


8th Street, Deira, Al Murar, Dubai 

4) Delta Plus

Delta Plus Auto Accessories has been offering committed and innovative services to customers in the Dubai market for four years. Their products primarily focus on comfort, security, style, and superior performance for all cars and vehicles.


Delta Plus offers various products in Dubai, including well-defined automotive audio and video systems, decorative products, headlight designs, speaker wires, and other interior and exterior automobile accessories.

Contact Delta Plus

Phone Number +971 6 557 5572


6, Hala Building, Damascus Street, Al – Quasis-2, Dubai, UAE

5) Al Mushrif Auto Accessories

If you want to find and explore everything you need for your car, Al Mushrif is one of the best places to go because they always provide amazing products.

Al Mushrif, founded in 1978, provides reasonably priced products and services. 


Their items often comprise both interior and exterior automobile accessories such as bumpers, headlights, chrome fines, tire covers, car roofs, car sound systems, batteries, and so on.

Contact Al Mushrif Auto Accessories

Phone Number 97142639590


Damascus Road, Shops 9, 10, and 11, Al Quasis, Dubai, UAE.

6) Fawaz Al-Khateeb

Fawaz Al-Khateeb is a major provider of automotive accessories both locally and abroad. It has 40 years of vehicle sector experience and has stretched its wings in locations such as the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Russia, and other parts of the world.


Fawaz Al-Khateeb, aiming to be the optimal supplier of automobile accessories, offers a wide range of products and services, such as high-quality car alarms, air fresheners, illumination, and so on, all with exceptional service.

Contact Fawaz Al-Khateeb

Phone Number 600 550 004


Port Saeed Dubai National Insurance Building, 10th floor, Dubai, UAE.

7) Directed Auto

Directed Auto is a leading supplier and maker of automotive supplies, with its headquarters in Dubai.

With its knowledgeable personnel, Directed Auto seeks to provide professional services to those who approach them.


Directed Auto’s products and services may include GPS navigation, automobile electronic accessories, speakers, subwoofers, car HD radio, amplifiers, and other such items.

Contact Directed Auto

Phone Number 971529798935


No 14-A, Sanjaya 7 building, behind ENOC pump, Manama St, Dubai, UAE

8) Top Star Trading LLC

Top Star is a privately held firm founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1997. It is widely recognized for its retail and wholesale businesses. Top Star sells a wide range of car and automotive accessories.


Top Star, with a mission to give goods of outstanding quality to clients, provides products and services such as air fresheners, automobile care products, upholsteries such as car mats, seat covers, window tinting films, and so on.

Contact Top Star Trading LLC

Phone Number 97142711330


4th Street, Al Murar, Deira, Dubai

9) Car Care Auto Accessories

Car Care Auto Accessories is the market boss in the export, import, and wholesale trading of car accessories.

It was founded in 2001 and offers customers affordable items and services. With a mission to provide top-of-the-line goods, it constantly tests all products before distributing them to those approaching them.


Car Care Auto Accessories’ products typically comprise steering covers, car body covers, booster cables, car cleaning items, air fresheners, seat cushions, car mats, head pillows, sun shields, etc.

Contact Car Care Auto Accessories

Phone Number 97142971355


Al Nakhal Road, Dubai, opposite Nasser Abdullah Mosque

10) B Leather 

B Leather is one of Dubai’s leading leather repair specialists, delivering dependable leather restoration and associated services to people as well as numerous reputable hospitality groups in the UAE. They provide trustworthy and inexpensive maintenance services of the highest quality and excellence. B Leather is one of the best leather repair firms in Dubai. They restore dirty, blurred, worn, and damaged leather products to their original condition. We have a skilled staff of leather restoration and repair professionals. 


Our primary services include leather furniture repair, leather cleaning, leather stain removal, ink mark removal, leather recoloring, leather upholstery work, and so on. They collaborate with the world’s leading leather producers and brands to ensure that their retail and corporate customers get the best experience. 

Contact B Leather 

Phone Number 058 256 0356 (Dubai)


203, Al Ahrar Building, Al Khabaisi Street, Deira, Dubai, UAE, PO BOX: 13492 


The showrooms mentioned above in Dubai offer an extensive selection of automotive accessories.  We hope you found this article helpful and You definitely get the most outstanding quality products from all the outlets mentioned above.


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