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The QX80’s powerful presence combines both appearance and structure in perfect harmony. There’s nothing subtle about this vehicle’s sharp, athletic, muscular exterior.

Qx80’s current generation hasn’t altered much since it was first introduced in 2011. This massive SUV has a nice, quiet, and cozy interior. Infiniti’s Qx80 also comes equipped with a 360-degree video system that would make parking in tight spaces far more precise and autonomous emergency braking.

On the downside, this mighty SUV is beginning to show its wear and tear. The interior design, powertrain options, and fuel efficiency of the Qx80 fall short compared to Escalade Cadillac & Lincoln Navigator. For many consumers, the Infiniti QX80’s reasonable starting price and broad list of standard equipment will suffice. Still, those wanting the most cutting-edge luxury plus technology should investigate other large luxury SUVs.

What’s The Latest And Greatest?

  • A large touchscreen has replaced the dual-screen infotainment screen system.
  • Apple CarPlay and a wireless phone charger are typical features of newer vehicles.
  • A member of the 2011 Qx80 generation II

 Infiniti Qx80- Features And Specs

Engine type Gass 
Driver transmission 7-speed shiftable automatic 
Driver type Rear-wheel drive
Cylinders V8 cylinders 
MPG combined 15MPG
Seating capacity seven seats 
Fuel Type Premium unleaded 
Fuel tank capacity26.0 gals. capacity 
Cam Double overhead cam
Basic warranty four years 

Interior Features -Infiniti Qx80 2022

  • There’s a lot of space.
  • First- and second-row passengers won’t have to worry about being squished, and third-row passengers will appreciate the extra room, despite the high floor.
  • However, the 2nd captain’s chairs are effortless to move, but not so easy that a child could easily do it themselves.
  • The elevated seating position, oversized mirrors, and optional 360-degree camera system contribute to excellent outward visibility.
  • Although the graphics on the infotainment screen are attractive, the user interface and system navigation are cumbersome and less intuitive than many of the system’s rivals today.

Despite its numerous controls, the touchscreen and rotary knob are still challenging.

Safety Feature-Advanced Infinity Qx80

  • Dual-stage supplementary front airbags, seat belt sensors, and occupant categorization sensors are part of the INFINITI Advanced Air Bag System, which protects the driver and front passenger.
  • Active Head Restraints for the Front Seats
  • Passenger compartment strengthened, crumple zones in the front and back
  • To make the appropriate installation of child restraint seats easier, the LATCH technology was developed.
  • Back doors with child safety locks
  • The electronic distribution of brake force
  • Anti-Lock Braking System for four wheels
  • Intervention in the blind spot
  • Forward Collision Warning with Predictive Approach
  • Intervention in Case of Back-Up Collision
  • In case of Immediate Danger, Detecting pedestrians while braking.
  • Stopping a vehicle from leaving its lane
  • Vehicle Stability Control and Dynamic Stability Control
  • A system for monitoring tire pressure (TPMS)
  • Auxiliary Power Steering
  • With the use of a remote keyless entry device, the driver’s door can be unlocked, or all the doors can be unlocked.
  • Vehicle Ignition System With Remote Start
  • Notification of a Collision in Real-Time

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The QX80’s maximum cargo capacity falls short of that of a Cadillac Escalade. With 49.6 cubic feet behind the second row and 95.1 cubic feet in total, you’ll be able to do a lot with a large SUV. Loading big objects is difficult due to the vehicle’s high liftover and thick bumper, and the center console in the second seat prevents a flat cargo area from being opened.

Compared to some of our competitors’ offerings, our storage options are adequate, but they aren’t as creative or effectively integrated. Most car seats will fit in the second-row buckets, and the Locking points are easily accessible. Seatbacks in the second row can recline, and the headrests can be removed to accommodate a larger passenger.

The QX’s higher-than-average towing capacity of 8,500 pounds is one of its most appealing features. A seven-pin wire harness and an incorporated tow hitch are standard equipment.

Mode Of Operation-Qx80

The QX80’s naturally aspirated V8 is a rarity in the class of large SUVs since turbocharged engines have taken over. The Qx80 went from zero to 60 miles in 6.9 secs, which is typical for a luxury SUV, even though it has 400 horsepower. Despite this, its brakes are particularly impressive for a vehicle of this size. For everyday driving, they’re both powerful and convenient.

Despite this, the QX80 is fundamentally an outmoded, 6,000-pound SUV. The driving isn’t as quick or precise as we’d like. The intelligent suspension, which we commended for its ability to regulate mass, seems much less nimble or contemporary than it once did around curves. There’s no denying that the QX hasn’t kept up with the times.

What’s The Gas Mileage Like Qx80?

The EPA estimates a combined fuel economy of 16 mpg (14 in the city and 20 on the highway), which is worse than the Lincoln Navigator & BMW X7. A 115-mile genuine evaluation route averaged 16.6mpg, suggesting that such a V8 is just as demanding as its estimations.

How Does The Qx80 Feel To Drive?

For a huge SUV, the QX80 has a lot to offer. Its weight, extended wheelbase, and high tire sidewalls provide cushioning over uneven terrain and minor bumps. However, severe, irregular spots might cause the cabin to shake considerably to the left and right. Although it’s not unusual for a vehicle of this size, the QX feels more noticeable than some competitors.

Compared to seats in other cars of a similar price range, the seats in this vehicle aren’t as supportive or adjustable as those in different models. Climate control is a snap since the seat heaters, and fans work so well. The QX80, on the other hand, is unable to hide its utilitarian roots despite its quiet, well-insulated interior.

Infiniti Qx80-Technology 

Although the QX80 has many capabilities, they feel antiquated because of the outdated technology. Apple CarPlay is wireless, while Android Auto is wired; both can be used. There are several USB ports on the device for charging and connecting. The Bose stereo system’s sound quality is adequate, but it lacks the luster of some high-end sound systems seen in competitors.

The QX80’s driver training aids don’t work as well as they should. Acceleration is slow, and the brakes are harsh and late with adaptive cruise control. Even while Distance Control Assist does the braking and accelerating for you, it’s awkward and abrupt when used on anything this large. We believe that the hardware requires an upgrade.

How Much Does The Qx80 Cost In UAE?

When compared to other options, the QX80 doesn’t offer much. There are no squeaks or rattles in the interior. However, Infiniti might have done a lot more to improve the inside. Infotainment tries to modernize the interior, but that mirage swiftly fades.

 It’d be difficult to justify the price difference between this and the Nissan Armada, given that the two SUVs are virtually identical under the skin. Or, for the same price as the QX80, we believe you can get much more luxury from competitors.

The QX80 doesn’t go above and beyond the ordinary in terms of performance. The V8 engine sounds good, but because of the car’s size and weight, it can only do so much hustling before the tires screech and electronic stability & traction control systems are mighty over.

 From most perspectives, the QX80’s appearance has been changed, but it still appears bulky and uninspiring.

Comparison With Other Competitors – Advanced Infinity Qx80

  • Qx80 Vs. Escalade

For the Infiniti Qx80 2021 generation year, Cadillac rebuilt the Escalade totally from the ground up. It’s difficult to recommend the QX80 above the Escalade, a considerably more modern vehicle. The Escalade has an available turbodiesel engine, although both feature large V8s. The Escalade is more luxurious and technologically advanced than the QX80.

  • Qx80 Versus Navigator

However, the QX80’s massive V8 sucks up more gas than the Navigator’s more economical and potent turbocharged V6 despite a lower starting price. 

The QX80 lacks the Navigator’s unique color themes, head-up display, and panoramic sunroof regarding luxury and technology. In contrast to the QX80, the Navigator offers a longer L variant for individuals who require more legroom.


The advanced Infiniti QX80 is a massive SUV that is incredibly comfortable and equipped with a lot of equipment. Still, it would be unable to compare with other more luxurious SUVs since they do not have the same level of space.

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