Easy Steps to Inspect Car Tyres

Wondering how you can evaluate the condition of your vehicle tyres? Let’s start with some simple tips that would assist you in knowing about the general procedure of vehicle tyre inspection. Also, you can keep these things in mind while buying new tyres for your car.
inspect car tyres

Every time we go for a drive, we check the fuel gauge to confirm that our car has enough oil or gas to take us to the destination. Unfortunately, only a few people inspect car tyres’ conditions before going on a road trip.

Car tyre inspection is a significant practice for motorists, but fewer people know the complete procedure of how to check the car tyres’ condition.

Let’s spare a moment to look at the general method to check if your vehicle tyres are in good condition.

Read Expiry Date

Each tyre has a serial identification number on the sidewall comprising 10 to 12 digits. Examine the last four digits of this number. They represent the week and year when the tyre was manufactured. For instance; if the number is *1619*, it means that the tyre was made in the 16th week of 2019. Most tyres have a lifespan of four to six years. While knowing the date of manufacture, you can find out whether your tyre is going to expire.

Tyre Size

You will find the tyre size data on the sidewall. Let’s take an example to help you figure out how to measure tyre size. If the number on the sidewall is 195 / 55 R 16 87V, it will indicate the following information about tyre size:

  • The very first number i.e. 195 is the tyre Width in millimetres.
  • The number right after a slash is the ratio of height to width in percentage i.e. Aspect Ratio. The aspect ratio here is 55 which indicates the height of sidewalls calculated from the rim of the wheel to the top of the tread.
  • The alphabet after the aspect ratio shows the Construction type of the tyre, either radial (R) or diagonal (D).
  • 16 is the Rim Diameter of the tyre here.
  • The next number in the sequence is the Load Index which indicates the load-carrying capacity. It is the measure of weight the tyre can bear when fully inflated. 
  • The last letter symbolises the Speed Rating i.e. the maximum speed corresponding to the load index.

Speed Rating

Speed Rating is an important variable that indicates the handling performance of a tyre. For example, the letter B represents the minimum speed up to 31mph. The higher alphabets will indicate the higher speeds.

Remember it is the tyre variable and not specific for a vehicle. Whenever the replacement is required, you should go for the tyres with the same or higher rating. It will help maintain the speed capability of your car. 

Tyre Pressure on Road and Off-Road

If you need to drive your vehicle on a highway, the tyre pressure of 35 to 36 PSI is fine. However, the tyre pressure must be reduced for off-road vehicles. The lower pressure of 14-16 PSI is good for driving on hard and uneven surfaces. It can help enhance tyre grip and safety. Moreover, off-roading on sand also requires low pressure for smooth driving. 

Different Tyre Wear Patterns

Now, let’s throw light on some of the wear patterns of vehicle tyres for your information. This knowledge can give you insight into improving your safety.

  • A Flat Spot is a badly worn area on a tyre that is not clearly visible. It can cause bumps and vibrations while driving. It is usually caused by harsh braking or parking for a long time.
  • Inner or Outer Shoulder Wear is caused by defective wheel alignment. It appears as a wearing down of the external or internal fringe of the tyre.
  • Centre Wear is mostly caused by over-inflation of the tyres. This can be prevented by maintaining adequate pressure in the tyres.
  • Edge Shoulder Wear can occur due to under-inflated tyres. Inspect car tyre pressure regularly to prevent such problems.

If your car tyres show any of the wear patterns mentioned above, it’s time to take your car to the nearest garage and have them replaced immediately.

Types of Tyres – Which to Pick?

Choosing the right type of tyre is important for your vehicle owing to the harsh weather conditions of the UAE. Here is a brief comparison of various types of tyres concerning the climate.

Summer Tyres

Summer Tyres work best at elevated temperatures above 45 degrees. They are made of soft rubber to grip better on dry and wet roads in summer. However, they are generally unsafe as they lose grip when the temperature drops below 45 degrees.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are made in such a way to increase grip on snow and slippery pathways. They have distinct zigzag lines to increase traction while driving. Moreover, they have a deep tread pattern for better performance. 

All-Season Tyres

These tyres are installed in the majority of recent cars. They have combined features of both winter and summer tyres but do not meet their individual standards. They are only a choice in a normal routine with mild changes in weather or the nature of the path.

Premium Tyres VS Chinese Tyres

The tyre market in UAE is full of various brands from different countries of the world. When it comes to tyre comparison, we draw a line between premium brands and Chinese tyres in UAE. The Premium brands including Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli etc have many traits that make them the best tyres for UAE weather. 

On the other hand, Chinese tyres in UAE are comparatively affordable but lack the latest technology and quality requirements. They mimic the traits of premium tyres but cannot compete with their reputation and experience. 

Tyre Shops in UAE – Get the Best Tyre Inspection Services in UAE

In this segment, we will briefly discuss some well-reputed tyre dealers that supply high-quality products of famous tyre companies in the UAE. These famous shops are a hub for providing quality tyres in UAE.

Tyre Shops in Dubai

My Motor Pro is one of the best dealers with tyre shops in Dubai supplying various brands including Michelin, Pirelli and others. Also, they offer other services including tyre replacement, repair and many more. 

Tyre Shops in Abu Dhabi

When we talk about the tyre shops in Abu Dhabi, Liberty Tyre Center is a famous outlet in the territory. They provide an efficient and friendly vehicle service with experienced technicians. 

Tyre Shops in Sharjah

Pitstop Arabia is another famous name with tyre shops in Sharjah, Ajman and the other areas of UAE. It offers a wide variety of premium tyres at affordable prices. Here, you can easily order and pay online for the required services. 

Tyre Shops in Ras Al-Khaymah

TyrePlus CTC is one of the renowned tyre shops in Ras Al Khaymah with a wide variety of high-quality products. Here, you will find premium items along with tyre and car battery replacement services. Also, they offer tyre-fitting, repair, car brake and engine services. 

Tyre Shops in Ajman

Many well-reputed tyre dealers are active nowadays in Ajman. Some famous tyre shops in Ajman are Tire Stop, Abu Marwan Tyres and others. They feature a high-quality auto-repair system and premium tyres at an affordable cost. 

Tyre Shops in Umm-al-Quwain

Like other areas of UAE, many well-reputed distributors and tyre shops are operating in Umm-ul-Quwain. They provide tyre replacement and oil changing services. 

Tyre Shops in Fujairah

TyrePlus Marwan Abbas is the most famous tyre shop in Fujairah with outstanding services. Here, you will find quality tyres with other car repair services.

Pitstop Arabia tyre shops in Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and all over UAE have experienced technicians to take care of your vehicles. Perhaps, it is the one-stop-shop with certified mechanics at your disposal. It has an extensive supply of the best tyres in the UAE.

The Final Words

Checking your car tyres’ condition before leaving for a long route drive is a compulsory practice. However, some people find it difficult to inspect car tyres themselves. To save your precious minutes of struggle, we have mentioned some top tyre dealers in the 7 emirates of UAE. pick the best services and make sure your car tyres live longer and stay in the best condition.

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