Best car battery in UAE – Comparison of top 7 brands

Looking for a reliable automotive battery for your car? For most people finding a suitable car battery is a confusing task. Here, you will find all the compulsory insights about the choice of the best car battery in the UAE.
best car battery in uae

The battery is the lifeline of a car essential to power the engine. Buying a car battery can be an important investment for your vehicle. Before making a decision, understand the requirements and the battery type that suits your car. This best car battery review will help you to figure out the preferred features of each brand in the UAE.

To ease the navigation, we have mentioned the top brands that provide the best car battery in UAE here:

  • Amaron Car Battery.
  • ACDelco Batteries
  • Varta Batteries
  • Eveready Car Batteries
  • Solite Batteries
  • Zeetex Batteries
  • Exide Batteries

Let’s review one by one the top car battery brands in UAE.

  • Amaron Car Batteries

It is an Indian brand popular for providing the best car battery in UAE. Amaron offers an 18-48 months warranty that makes it a cost-effective choice for car owners. 

It is undoubtedly a highly recommended brand due to the impressive shelf life of car batteries. In addition, the Amaron is well-known for anytime replacement of the battery, either offsite or onsite. 

This facility can help you manage tough situations, including car breaks down. The price may range from AED 280 to almost AED 480, depending upon the battery type.

  • ACDelco Batteries

Made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and owned by US General Motors, ACDelco Batteries are trusted in UAE for their quality. They have a warranty of 12 months. 

Moreover, they are entirely fastened and hold no possibility of discharge. The utmost striking factor is that they are suitable for harsh weather in UAE. 

Regardless of the vehicle type you own, you can use these batteries for any type of vehicle. Normally, these batteries are already charged for your use. Plus, they are financing-free without any need for preservation. The price is variable from AED 325 to AED 620.

  • Varta Batteries

With a warranty of 12 months, Germany’s original durable and portable Varta Batteries is another favorite brand in UAE. It is widely used to assist numerous appliances immediately. 

This enduring brand also offers regular checks and constant production. You need to spend AED 249 to about AED 469 to buy a good Varta Battery.

  • Eveready Car Batteries

The quality and performance of the product mostly lie in origin. Being an American brand, Eveready has a top grade of quality with quivering-free performance. This brand is not only considered for its quality but also for its advanced design. 

It is specially developed for the extreme weather of the UAE. Eveready, car batteries cost AED 249 to almost AED 469.

  • Solite Batteries

Another great Korean effort for your choice is Solite Batteries. This brand is more than full contentment for car drivers. The calcium metal inside these batteries is heat and rust-proof. 

Furthermore, they are not refillable as they are already filled with

electrolytic solutions. Solite can be a maintenance-free option with competitive pricing in the UAE. Solite battery can cost you about AED 250 to AED 350.

  • Zeetex Batteries

Another trusted name is the Zeetex batteries in UAE. Korean newly derived concentrated brand, Zeetex batteries, is indeed a good option for automobiles. Like most brands, it also has a 12-month warranty. 

Its system is sealed, so there is no need to add water to them. Usually, its price ranges from AED 304.5 to AED 483. 

  • Exide Batteries

With headquarters in Georgia, USA, Exide is the paramount lead-acid battery brand worldwide. They are manufactured to satisfy the highest energy requirements and have a reserve capacity of around 2 hours. 

It has an advanced leakage-proof arrangement with safety against vibration. Installing an Exide battery in your car can be a long-lasting comfort for you. If you are buying a 35Ah Exide battery, it costs AED 294. 

Which Car Battery is Best in UAE?

Sometimes it is a hard job to choose the best auto battery for your car. The choice of a car battery is not similar for all car owners. It can vary among individual customers due to certain reasons. 

If you are planning to buy the best automotive battery for your car, consider some important points. Look for the size of the battery, maintenance type, reserve capacity, and warranty. Check out the amazing discount deals of popular car battery dealers in the UAE.

Final Talk

A lot of options regarding car batteries are available in the market for consumers in the UAE. The choice of battery largely depends on usage, vehicle model, and frequency of driving. 
We have summarised the essential information about the most common car battery brands in UAE. We hope this article will be helpful in filtering the best car battery in UAE to suit your vehicle.

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