Top 10 Things to Do in UAE for Couples

Things to Do in UAE for Couples

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the perfect destination for you and your partner. If you are planning a trip to Dubai with your important partner, you should see this checklist of things to do in Dubai for couples. We have included all the best attractions in Dubai for grownups. Including adventurous things you can do in Dubai and romantic things you can do in Dubai. We’ll help you find where to stay in Dubai, how to get around Dubai and how to plan your trip to Dubai transparently.

1) Experience SKY At  Burj Khalifa

There are some different experiences offered at Burj Khalifa, but we will make it easier for you and tell you what you need to get. SKY, or “On top”, in Burj Khalifa is one of the most important activities in Dubai for adults.The SKY experience gives you access to level 148 that is NOT included in the general entrance ticket. Level 148 is much larger than the 124 & 125 floors. In addition, the glass was cleaner on 148 which resulted in better pictures.

2) Shop At The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is a beautiful place. This is one of the best places you can visit in Dubai! Many possibilities for pictures here. The mall has unlimited shopping options across all price ranges. However, the most beautiful parts of the shopping center are adjacent to the boutiques of the luxury brand.

The basement of the Dubai Mall is where you will find the world-class aquarium, access to SKY at the Burj Khalifa and the dining area. You can also leave the mall and get to the fountains in Dubai.

Check out the Dubai Aquarium and Zoo. Their most recent and exciting inhabitant is a 750 km, 2.4 meters, King Crocodile.

Dubai Aquarium also provides a unique experience which allows you to dive with sharks and help feed them!

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3) Spend A Day At The Beach

Nothing says romance like a day spent together at the beach. The UAE has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they make the perfect destination for couples looking to enjoy each other’s company. Pack a picnic and grab some sunblock to make the most of your day.

You can lounge on the sand, go for a refreshing dip in the ocean, or try out some water sports together. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even hire a boat to explore the coast together. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, there are plenty of beachfront restaurants and bars offering delicious meals and drinks that you can enjoy with stunning views of the sea.

No matter which beach you choose to visit, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience for you and your partner.

4) Visit The Dubai Miracle Garden

Located in Dubailand, the Dubai Miracle Garden is a must-see for couples visiting the UAE. This incredible park is home to over 45 million flowers and colorful gardens, making it one of the most spectacular sights in the country. With intricate flower displays, lush green landscapes, and a variety of themed areas, the Miracle Garden is a romantic spot to explore together. Stroll through the winding pathways, take in the breathtaking views, and stop to take pictures with your loved one. The Miracle Garden is open all year round, and admission is free, so be sure to make a visit during your stay.

5) Dubai Fountains

Don’t be tricked into buying tickets for “The Dubai Fountain.” It’s a tourist trap. You can see the wall of Dubai perfectly clear from the outside. The show is cool but not long enough to justify paying for it and going on a boat.

Overall, this appears to be over-the-top and a waste of time. We advise you, if possible, to see the spectacle of the fountain from a distance! The further you go, the larger the scale. You can see the height of the fountain’s spectacle compared to the Burj Khalifa.

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6) Walk Around Burj Plaza

A good place to look at the fountain show from far away is Burj Park. We suggest you walk from Dubai Mall to Burj Park and continue to Burj Plaza. The Burj Plaza offers a wonderfully romantic sunset atmosphere. There are lovely lights and colorful artistic installations.  Walking around this charming downtown neighborhood is one of the best things to do for couples in Dubai.

In addition, you can capture fresh pictures of the Burj Khalifa here (and capture it fully).

7) Visit The Global Village

The Global Village is a huge multicultural parkland. Open from October to the beginning of April, it offers shops, restaurants and activities. The park is only open at night, so it is an ideal place to visit before your dinner booking and after sunset.

The arrangement is a giant circle with green space in the middle and different cultural corners bordering the outside. Each corner stands for a different nation. You can enter the area and be transported through the culture of this country. Each cultural center provides food, clothing and regional handicrafts.

The Global Village is one of the greatest things to do in Dubai! It is a great place to visit for families, couples and lonely explorers. Also, it is an ideal place to store memories for the family!

8) Take a Desert Safari

One of Dubai’s most famous attractions is a desert safari. It is viewed as one of the special things to do in Dubai, and a bucket list must! There are many different ways to do that. In general, the various activities include dune bashing, desert photographs, camel rides, Middle Eastern food, and Middle Eastern cultural activities.

Cultural activities specific to our desert safari included a performance of falconry, belly dancing and henna tattooing. Desert safaris offer a unique opportunity to discover much of the culture of the Middle East in an evening.

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9) Dine At Fancy Restaurants

Having dinner outside is one of the best things to do in Dubai for couples! Dubai is a major international city. Just 20% of the entire population has been Emirati! Dubai has one of the highest levels of immigration in the world. It has more than 200 nationalities. My point is that this is an excellent place to try world cuisine.

Here are some of the favorites:

  • Zheng He’s (Chinese)
  • Treehouse (Mediterranean)
  • Arabian Teahouse (Middle East)
  • Em Sherf (Lebanese)
  • TOMO (Japanese)

10) Take An Excursion Out To The Magical Grand Mosque

The Great Mosque of Sheikh Zayed is situated in Abu Dhabi. Although it is technically not one of Dubai’s tourist attractions, it should not be missed. This is in Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi can be reached within an hour’s drive of Dubai.

This is an incredibly gorgeous and beautiful mosque. Moreover, this is one of the few mosques which allows non-Muslim visitors. The Great Mosque has many unique design characteristics, including the world’s largest rug. This is Swarovski crystal studded chandelier is the third largest worldwide.

It’s particularly beautiful when it’s lit at night. If you and your partner can reserve a day to travel to Abu Dhabi, you won’t be disappointed.

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