Top 10 Long Drives Destinations in UAE You Should Never Miss

Willing to plan a long drive in UAE? Whether it is a one-day trip or a long vacation, you must not forget to visit some of the charismatic destinations of UAE that will leave you speechless. This article discusses some astonishing destinations for you to have an unforgettable UAE road trip.

The United Arab Emirates is small, yet it offers a lot to explore. If you are a traveler, you will love the roadsides. Plan your trip and drive in open areas to enjoy nature. 

Here are some fantastic UAE road trip ideas to help you design an impressive weekend escape. Whether you’re living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, here are 15 great suggestions for a fun weekend away from the city.

1. Jebel Hafeet


It is mostly regarded as one of the best long drive destination in UAE. If you want to take a rest while driving, reserve a spot and relax for a while near the hot springs of Mubazzara. The mountain shelters many birds and animal species. Also, it is known as renowned and best curvy roads in UAE.

The beautiful garden city of Al Ain is located beneath this mountain. Moreover, it is perhaps one of the ideal places for photography in the UAE, situated 170 Kilometres away from Dubai.

2. Jebel Jais


Jebel Jais is a good idea for summer driving due to its cooler temperature. It is the tallest mountain peak in UAE. A viewing deck is also present at the mountain top for less active people.

Ride through the amazing landscapes to reach a height of about 1900 meters.

Travelers can reach this gorgeous location by driving to Ras Al Khaimah and then proceeding to the summit of the mountain. 

It is a thrilling road trip, but fuel must be conserved, as there are no facilities between the town of Ras Al Khaimah to the summit.

3. Kalba


If you are traveling from Sharjah to Kalba, the 50 km long road will take you straight to the road. The road also has a tunnel that leads onto the coastline of Fujairah.

You will come across different landscapes and ultimately to the rising mountain heads. Take a sports car to make your driving experience more enchanting.

4. Dibba 


Dibba is beachside towards the East coast of UAE with hilltops and blue sea on opposite sides. Take a drive through the Hajar Mountains to reach one of the best picnic spots in UAE – Dibba. 

Long road trips in UAE especially in  Dibba is a mind-blowing experience. Don’t forget to look at the well-known Snoopy Island shaped like a cartoon character during your snoopy island road trip UAE.


5. Hatta


Do you love adventure and want to visit a place with heavenly mountains and crystal clear water? Hatta is the best getaway to satisfy your craving for adventure. 

Hatta Rock Pools and eye-catching Hatta Hill Park are places worth visiting. You can experience mountain biking and enjoy archery at Hatta. Also, you can go Kayaking in Hatta Dam and visit the 3000 years old Hatta Village.

6. Sir Bani Yas Island 


Located in Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas Island is a beautiful spot to grab your attention. You can drive to Abu Dhabi via the E11 route to reach the island. 

You can visit resorts and enjoy water activities even when you have a short time. Also, it is an eco-friendly place best for honeymoons. A road drive from Dubai to Sir Yas Island approx. 370 kilometers. 

You might assume dwelling at Desert Islands by Anantara, that lies in the heart of this haven.

7. A Desert Safari 


Desert Safari is an essential part of the best scenic drives in the UAE. Take out some time and a good vehicle to endure the magnetism of the desert. 

You will come across the desert wildlife and camels on your way. Travel across the desert to see the true colors of nature.

8. Musandam


Take your family on a UAE road trip towards the Musandam Peninsula to escape the heat of the UAE. You will come across many unique things while driving from Dubai to Musandam. 

It is two hours long drive to reach the peninsula, where you will move ahead to Khasab. It is a picturesque site with mesmerizing turquoise-colored water.

9. Liwa Oasis


Peeking for the best picnic spots in UAE, Liwa oasis is what you should visit. You can take two routes to reach Liwa oasis, but the ride begins on E11 which is Sheikh Zayed Road through Abu Dhabi. To reach Liwa Oasis, one of the country’s most beautiful spots, follow the signals to Madinat Zayed.

The route between Dubai and remote Liwa is only 350 km. You will find a desert civilization of about 50 villages and ancient homes of royal families in Liwa. 

While driving, you will also pass through Emirates National Automobile Museum. Never forget to follow the signs of Madinet Zayed.

10. Jumeirah Archaeological Site


The Jumeirah site is a popular historical place situated between Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah. You will travel back to the old stopover of caravan traders in the 11th century. These ruins attract tourists, archaeologists, and historians from the whole world. 

Final Thought

Long Drive in UAE at night is one of the best things you should enjoy in the UAE. Pick a destination from the above-mentioned list and enjoy your vacations or plan your weekend enduring the beauty of UAE. Usually destinations from above are the best places for night drive in UAE. All you need is a good mileage car and a nice company to hit the roads of the countryside.

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