KIA Pegas Price and Specs in UAE

 It was unveiled at the 2017 Auto Shanghai Show as the Kia Pegas, a five-door subcompact for 2020. New to the subcompact automobile market, this vehicle has the potential to make an impact. In its first generation, the Pegas 2020 performs well in emerging areas as an entry-level vehicle. 

This vehicle is aimed at a younger demographic that needs a reliable mode of transportation to travel from A to B. Nevertheless, this car does an excellent job of bridging gaps between its fleet colleagues and taking a direct approach to its opponents.

The Kia Pegas makes an excellent first impression since it is inexpensive, accessible, and has good value for the money. The goal in designing this vehicle was to provide simply the bare minimum in terms of comfort and convenience for a commuter.

 As a result, its output is maximized in comparison to its cost. You can choose between two transmissions, even though this Kia pegas car 2020 only comes in one trim level.

  1. Five-speed manual transmission
  2. Automatic, four-speed

The 2020 Kia Pegas has a small wheelbase, but it’s packed with high-quality features. This car has been crushing the competition for a long time. To make life easier, we went for the 4-speed automatic transmission.

It’s a pleasure to drive this car, and it’s exceptionally responsive in the lower and middle ratios. Because the engine is small, the car makes a lot of noise inside the cabin when traveling at higher speeds. The advanced Pegas 2022 is a great city car, but if you plan on 

driving it on the highway, you’ll need to give it a little extra effort. 

In addition, Macpherson struts were used in the front and rear suspensions. These suspensions function wonderfully and are readily able to absorb a shock while driving on a level and smooth road. Because of the firm suspensions, we do not recommend driving the vehicle over terrain that is uneven.

Every bump in the road is noticeable since the dampers are so firm. On the other hand, the SUV Kia Pegas’s thin body provides excellent handling in sharp corners, keeping you firmly placed in your seat.

Features And Specifications -Kia Pegas 2020

  • Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are all built into the big touchscreen display.
  • Fog lamps with elegant metallic bezels designed to improve visibility are available in various styles.
  • To set your preferred speed, you can use the cruise control’s steering wheel-mounted controls.
  • When driving a Pegas 2020, the 5-speed manual transmission provides smooth shifting, while a 4-speed automatic with an intelligent selection and a comfortable grip allows for precise and fuel-efficient gear changes.
  • With two-tone leather seats, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out.
Engine 1.4L, four cylinders MPI
Horsepower 95Mhp
Torque 12Nm
Driver Type Rear-wheel drive
Driver Transmission 4-speed automatic transmission
  • Pegas only comes in a single trim with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission as an option. Both engines have the exact specifications.
  • Powering this car is an economical four-cylinder unit that makes 95 horsepower and 132-pound feet of torque.
  • The Pegas has a 0-100 kph time of 13.1 seconds and a max speed of 170 kilometers per hour.
  • In high-speed driving, this vehicle wobbles. The city’s fuel efficiency is 6.1 km l, whereas the highways are 13.18 km, which is good.

Exterior Features- Using Kia Pegas 2020 In UAE

  • A fragile piece of mesh runs between the hood and bumpers to form the front grille. The front bumper is wide, generating a high waistline that shields the vehicle’s occupants from harm. 
  • Air intake panels at the front bumper, however, are extensive, contributing to aerodynamics. Projection fog lamps are also installed on the bumper to improve visibility at night.
  • The 14-inch alloy wheel is the default, but you can also select the 14-inch steel wheel. Electric reflectors, LED side transponders, and chrome door knobs are all standard equipment.

As you can see, an antenna protrudes from the back of a vehicle’s modest trunk hole.

Interior Features-Kia Pegas 2020

  • The inside of the Kia Pegas is elegant and understated. There are only a few pieces of equipment on the dashboard, composed of hard plastic.
  • Synthetic leather covers the steering wheel, making it more comfortable while driving. There is also an audio remote control mounted on the steering wheel. 
  • A 2.8-inch LCD meter cluster directly below the steering wheel enhances driver safety. Fuel efficiency, speed, and maintenance warnings are displayed on the gauge.
  • Infotainment technologies like Android Auto, Apple Car, and voice-activated Bluetooth settings may be found at the system’s heart. In addition, the system includes rear parking sensors as well as a manual temperature controller.
  • Head and legroom are sufficient to allow for a good stretch. There is a new degree of comfort with the driver’s armrest. It is unfortunately impossible to decrease the seat’s height as the attachment points are set. Five adults can fit comfortably in the back of the vehicle, with plenty of room to extend their legs.

Lifting luggage bags into and out of the truck is made easier by the trunk’s wide opening and low height. When the 60/40 split seats are folded, the cargo volume increases to 475 liters.

Kia Pegas 2020-Level Of Comfort/Drive

Because Pegas is a value-oriented compact sedan, we focused on its refinement. Regarding newcomers’ “ease of use” and “comfort” while driving in town and on lengthy, open-road trips, we didn’t care about cornering abilities or exciting dynamics.

69 kW and 132 Nm are generated by the 1.4L, 4-cylinder petrol engine in the Kia, which is mated to either a 5- or 4-speed automatic transmission to drive the front wheels. Even though automatic transmissions have improved, a simple manual is still required. The Pegas’ clutch pedal travel and gearshift motion are modest.

The engine does the basics well. The engine isn’t buzzy at highway speeds, but it can be noisy when revved rapidly, such as when merging or passing. 120km/h equals 3000 RPMs (kph).

We found another reason to keep the sedan’s cruise control below 120 kph, so there is some engine sound at a particular speed, suggesting the Pegas product team felt only a little noise-dampening material was needed.

When the Kia in UAE passes 120 kph, a light flashes rapid time with a loud chime. Depending on your perspective, it’s a subtle or annoying speed restriction reminder. Under 120 kph, the sound ceases, but the dashboard light stays on.

Unlike some cheap cars, the Pegas’ road-holding and ride comfort are outstanding, and it’s not sluggish at highway speeds. Light, quick steering is great for parking in tight areas.

Pegas 1.4 EX’s 14-inch wheels use 175/70R tires. The Kia’s model has comfortable suspension, and larger, higher-profile tires absorb minor road bumps well. The car was likely designed to manage various road conditions. When cornering sharply, you’ll notice a lot of rolling resistance, a tradeoff for ride comfort.

The pegas Kia displayed a remarkable 5.7 L/100 km gas mileage for our open-road driving route. You should be aware that this number will be significantly higher if you commute daily to work in fast, cut-and-thrust traffic.

Is It Convenient To Drive A Kia Pegas?

The Pegas boasts a segment-leading wheelbase and trunk. The newcomer’s 475-liter luggage capacity beats the Polo sedan’s 454-liters.

Only the Ford Figo sedans (445 liters) compare to the Kia. The Honda Amaze has 420 liters, and the Suzuki Dzire 378 (the Ciaz is bigger and more expensive).

With ample space, we could fit two suitcases, a week’s groceries, and the author’s fishing gear in the Pegas. Two people and a child should fit in the trunk.

Kia’s long wheelbase maximizes cabin space. Sit-behind-yourself test passed easily, although taller passengers might find rear headspace tight.

Advanced Features-Kia Pegas In UAE

  • Help with Driving Through Advanced Technology
  • Braking for an emergency
  • There are four airbags in this vehicle.


The Kia Pegas is an excellent choice for someone looking for a car that can carry them from one place to another while providing only the most basic amenities. The vehicle consumes little fuel while maintaining affordable prices.

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