Top 12 Dubai Road Trips You Must Take

Are you residing in Dubai and planning a road trip? Here is a list of the 12 best road trips you can take from Dubai. Decide where to go this weekend with our list of the best road trips from Dubai. Get ready and head out for an unforgettable road trip.
dubai road trips

Dubai is a renowned city of UAE, famous for its shopping and spectacular beauty. It has attractions for international tourists. The stunning beaches and glamorous beauty of Dubai can keep you engaged for a long time. However, if you are looking to break free from the busy city life of Dubai, road trips are a great option. 

Although the UAE is full of beautiful spots, we have discussed a few important destinations you should never miss. Read this article to explore some of the remarkable road trips from Dubai. 

1. Dubai Desert:

Dubai Road Trips

An hour’s drive from Dubai city is the incredible Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, part of the Arabian Desert. Its area is approximately 87-square-mile, 5% of the total area of Dubai with diverse species of flora and fauna. 

Enjoy the camel ride and observe wildlife in the national park of the United Arab Emirates. You can participate in desert activities, experience sandboarding, and archery. Enjoy the grilled meal and then stay for the night in camps. 

2. Abu Dhabi:

Dubai Road Trips

Abu Dhabi is the priority place you should visit on a road trip from Dubai. It is among the top family road trip destinations in the UAE. A trip to Abu Dhabi is everlasting joy and entertainment. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is popular across the world due to its unique archaeological beauty.

Moreover, the Abu Dhabi City Tour gives you an incredible opportunity to explore every part of this city. It includes visits to Ferrari World, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and other picnic spots. Different games are available in Ferrari World for kids including Roller Coaster Rides, Italian Factory, Formula Rosso Ride, etc. Moreover, riding Formula 1 cars give you a real racing experience.

3. Sharjah:

Dubai Road Trips

Just 15 kilometers away lies Sharjah, the nearest day trip for families from Dubai. The famous eye of Emirates, Ferris Wheel is based here. Explore the heritage of Sharjah with ethnography and ancient culture. Sharjah’s Museums always grab the attention of tourists. They not only show the history of the UAE but also represent old Islamic Civilization. Also, the Sharjah Art Museum, with ethnic arts, is surrounded by a bazaar.


The Fossil Rock in Sharjah is a difficult desert expedition for off-roaders. Don’t forget to take a minimum of two vehicles on your way to overcome any dangerous situation. Either you can picnic and go home, or camp here for the night stay. If you want some more adventure, enjoy riding the dunes of the Big Red on a quad bike. Moreover, check out the Mleiha Archaeological Centre to get a deeper insight into desert life. 

4. Liwa Oasis: 

Dubai Road Trips

Liwa is an oasis encircled by 50 villages, not far from Dubai. You can take Sheikh Zayed Road through Abu Dhabi to reach there in just a 3 hours drive. While driving, you will have a golden opportunity to look at different villages and camel farms. Other attractions in Liwa include Mezairaa Town and Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum.

Liwa Date Festival is the most important event there. Different kinds of dates growing there are displayed in this festival. If you are having a tour these days, never forget that festival. Visit different forts and especially the Liwa Fort.

5. Hatta: 

Dubai Road Trips

In the highland of the Hajar Mountains, there lies Hatta. Therefore, Hatta is not only known because of its beauty but also for hiking in the Hajar Mountains. Besides hiking, you can go mountain biking, paragliding, kayaking, etc. 

Wadi Hub Center at Hatta offers many adventure games for you. Also, there lies a 3000 years old village known as Hatta Heritage Village. Other tourist attractions include Hatta Fort Hotel, The Hatta Hill Park, and Hatta Rock Pools. 

6. Ras Al Khaimah: 

Dubai Road Trips

RAK is an adventurous and mountainous area in the UAE. It is approximately 113 km from Dubai and represents scenic beauty as well as dunes. The most famous Jebel Jais is located here. If you love sports, you can relish paragliding, horse riding, and ziplining at Jebel Jais. 

Besides, this city is apart from Dubai and other busy cities. You will feel real relaxation there and indeed it is the best recreation point for professional people. Dhayah Fort lies in the Dhayah Valley that gives a beautiful top hill view. 

Historical buildings are also of special significance, especially Ras Al Khaimah National Museum. Also, check out the Iceland Water Park and the Khatts Spring.

7. Al-Ain – The Garden City:

Dubai Road Trips

About 2 hours from Dubai, is one of the best tourist attractions spots, Al-Ain. Wonderful palm trees, lush vegetation, enchanting mountains, and dynamic history; what’s not to admire? Al-Ain Palace Museum is famous for its ancient collection of artifacts. Other notable tourist attractions in Al-Ain include the Hilton Al Ain and Danat Al Ain Resort.

Also known as “Garden City”, it is the best family road trip in the UAE. Kids will enjoy the fantastic Wadi Adventure with white water channels and surf pools. Don’t forget to visit Al-Ain zoo to enjoy Safari and see a variety of exotic birds and animal species. In the eminence of Jebel Hafeet, there are many ancient tombs. 

8. Khasab, Musandam: 

Dubai Road Trips

Khasab is a town where you can climb the mountains via staircases made by shepherds from Pakistan. You have to drive through the UAE-Oman border to reach Musandam. Dubai to the Musandam Peninsula is about a three hours drive with scenic views.


Fjords of Musandam are ideal for water sports like rafting, fishing, and others. Also, you can spot dolphins during snorkeling. Moreover, you can purchase fresh seafood from fishermen and enjoy it.

9. Umm Al-Quwain: 

Dubai Road Trips

The least populated area of UAE is famous for its splendid scenic beauty. It has sandy islands with thick mangroves and various estuaries. Al Sinniyah is a large island where you can see the largest greedy birds in the world. 

Visit Umm Al-Quwain & Falaj Al Mualla Fort, and National Museum to dive into history. Check out the Dreamland Aqua Park for fun water activities. Other fantastic places in Umm Al-Quwain include UAQ Marine Club, Emirates Motorplex, and Happy Land City.

10. Fujairah 

Dubai Road Trips

Fujairah, located near the boundary of the Gulf of Oman, is indeed the best site to visit on a road trip with friends and family. Beach resorts are always a great picnic spot for tourists. Here, a variety of sea activities are available for tourists. Moreover, the top destination of scuba-diving is here. 

Some interesting sea sights are Sandy Beach, Snoopy Island, and Khor Fakkan. Besides hiking, you can also visit Wadi Wurayah which has a great spectacular view. On your way to Fujairah, you will come up with many wild camels and herds. Other amazing spots that you can visit at Fujairah are Al Hayl Castle and the Fujairah Fort.

11. Ajman 

Dubai Road Trips

Ajman is hardly 1 hour away from Dubai. While going to Ajman, you will travel on Emirates Highway neighboured by sandy dunes. Kempinski Hotel is a five-star hotel there, similar to a seaside town. Relax by the peaceful beach in Ajman to escape the exhausting heat of the UAE. 

After seeing your hotel, you will go to the Ajman Museum which was a fort in the early 18th century. It is a cultural area with historical importance. The most amazing thing in Ajman is the alluring beaches and nightlife. 

12. Oman

Dubai Road Trips

It is one of the best road trips from Dubai to other countries, barely 1.5 hours away from Dubai. Driving to Oman is full of excitement and adventures. Jebel Akhdar has awesome hilltops, ancient forts, and marketplaces.

In Muscat, Bait Al Zubair Museum displays a variety of traditional garments and jewelry. Also, the Royal Opera House in Muscat is the best place for old-school music lovers. 

Final Talk 

UAE has many places you can reach easily by road trip from Dubai in your car. If you are a keen wanderer, go every weekend to explore the unique road trip destinations of the UAE. The list is endless from Adu Dhabi to Oman and many more. So what are you waiting for? Set out to relax your mind and spend some quality time with nature.

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