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The BMW X6 seems to be incredibly large, scary, and expensive? With the X4, BMW appears to have made the BMW X4-SUV design more approachable. Anyone unfamiliar with the X4 should know that it’s nothing like the full-sized X6, but with lower prices and better performance. 

The vehicle is more compact and has a more streamlined appearance. Lifestyle vehicles like the X4 are found between the more traditional SUVs, like the more typical BMW X4 SUV, like the X5.

The BMW X4 Price In UAE, which has a starting price of AED 338,000, goes up against well-known competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe. This German luxury small SUV is available in a single trim level. 

A BMW X4 can be purchased in the United Arab Emirates for an average price of AED 338,000. New car purchasers can select the 2.0-cc engine found in the X4. 

The BMW X4 In UAE comes standard with several advanced safety and convenience features, including adaptive lighting, a moving object recognition system, and a 12V plug located only upfront. 

This 5-seater SUV is more costly than the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, the primary vehicle it competes with, with a price tag of AED 250,000.

Overview Of Bmw X4 In UAE

The BMW X4 that will go on sale in 2019 has undergone a comprehensive overhaul. Two separate tunings are available for the,

  1. The turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine used in the X4 20i and X4 xDrive30i. Each one of these automobiles has an 8-speed sport automatic gearbox as standard equipment. 
  2. The X4 M40i has a 3L turbocharged inline-6 engine that may be combined with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The vehicle comes standard with, 

  • The use of a power steering system,
  • Electrified windows
  • Infrared LED mirrors,
  • Upholstery in full-grain leather,
  • Automatic air conditioning, 
  • FM radio with an entertainment system that connects to iPods, iPhones, and Bluetooth, 
  • Electric windows and mirrors. 

The BMW Head-Up Display in full color and Driving Assistant Plus are also available as add-on options that may be purchased separately. There is also an option for BMW Active Cruise Control that includes Stop & Go functionality.

 The driver and front passenger of every BMW is provided with airbags, anti-lock brakes, and dynamic stability control as standard safety features.

BMW X4 Newest Updates

The BMW X4’s unique coupe-shaped SUV is filled with practical and luxurious features. New features and improvements are available on the BMW X4 M40i and X4 xDrive30i, respectively. 

The heater and air conditioner installed in the vehicle ensure a more pleasant ride. This model’s performance is based on a 2L four-cylinder petrol engine that generates 248 hp of maximum power and 350 Nm of maximum torque. 

An inline 6-cylinder powertrain with 382 hp and 495 lb-ft of torque powers the BMW X4 M40i, which can go from rest to 60mph in 4.4 seconds.

Sport & Manual shift modes are available in each eight-speed automatic transmission.

 BMW X4 Models In UAE

In the UAE, consumers may choose between two distinct versions of the BMW x4. These variants include

  • BMW X4 xDrive28i
  • BMW X4 xDrive35iused

Specifications Of Bmw X4 In UAE

Bmw X4 Steering
The Hidden Mystery Behind Bmw X4 Price In Uae 4

The construction and functionality of the used BMW X4 in UAE are used as a foundation for a discussion of the vehicle’s characteristics and specifications.

Transmission type Automatic 
Drive type AWD
Gear Box8-speed 
Engin 2.0–Liter Twin- Turbo
Power 258  hp @ 5800 rpm
Torque 258  lb-ft @ 1520 rpm
No.of cylinders 4
Charger Turbo 
Break systemDisc 
Seating capacity 5
Fuel tank capacity 17.2 Gallons
No.of doors 4
Steering typePower 
Steering gear type rack-pinion
Fuel typePremium 

BMW X4 Price In UAE List 2022

Variant Specification Price 
BMW X4 xDrive28i1997cc,245hp, automatic, petrolAED 315,000 
BMW X4 xDrive35i2979cc,306hp, automatic, petrolAED 338,000

The efficiency of X4 BMW In UAE

There is no compromise in terms of performance or responsiveness from the BMW TwinPower Turbocharged 2L  4-cylinder engine, even at low rpm levels. In addition to the 8-Speed Steptronic Sports Transmission, variable sports steering, and BMW xDrive, the BMW X4 is in a league of its own in the SAC sector when all of these features are combined.

Technology -Used BMW X4 IN UAE

The BMW X4’s enhanced driving experience and increased safety are enhanced by the vehicle’s intelligent technology, such as

  • Smartphone connectivity, 
  • BMW Maps, and 
  • Seamless driver aid systems like the Driving Assistant Professional.

Exterior Features-X4 In Uae

The BMW X4’s reimagined front gives it a more contemporary look than ever before. Modern styling is provided with a new Adaptive LED headlamp design, an improved kidney grille with distinctive mesh elements, and an updated front apron.

The BMW X4’s new L-shaped Full LED rear lights and free-form exhaust pipes emphasize the car’s progressiveness while also making it more visible. 

The BMW X4 has a commanding presence from every aspect, thanks partly to the enhanced underbody protection between the tailpipes.

Interior Features- BMW X4

Bmw X4 Interior
The Hidden Mystery Behind Bmw X4 Price In Uae 5

The BMW X4 interior has a 12.3″ high-resolution touch-enabled instrument display in the center of the BMW Live Cockpit Professional with navigation function. The Sport BMW X4’s seats and galvanic embellishers on the controls (an optional extra) add to its appeal. Besides them, the BMW x4 has the following interior features 

  • Driving Seat Height Adjustment
  • Seats with Electric Adjustment
  • Rearview Mirror with Auto-Folding Electric Motor
  • Parking Detection Systems

BMW X4 Handling

As previously said, the BMW X4 combines its entire chassis and suspension configuration with X3, which would be a powerful SUV in its own right. 

It’s also more aerodynamic than the X3, so the X4 is a better choice for those looking for a sportier vehicle. To make driving even more fun, the X4 has a broader range of driving modes and adjustable suspension settings.

X4 Fuel Economy And Engine Performance

Bmw X4 Engine
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The X4’s engine is likely to carry over from the X3, given that the two vehicles share the same fundamental design. The new X5 is powered by the same 3L twin-turbo V6 gasoline engine found in the 5- Series and X3. An eight-speed automatic transmission complements the engine’s 360 PS and 500 Nm of torque.

Brakes & Security On The BMW X4 In UAE

BMW has made every effort to ensure the X4 has all the necessary safety features. The safety equipment, too, is shared with other similarly priced BMWs such as the 5 Series and X3, much like the comfort plus convenience amenities. 

  • ABS accompanied with EBD and Braking Aid;
  • Warnings for Leaving Your Lane;
  • Warning of an Impending Collision in Front;
  • Control of the brakes during cornering;
  • The X4 is equipped with basic safety features like as dynamic traction control and hill start aid as standard equipment.

Advanced Model Of The BMW X4 M40i 

The dynamic performance and distinctive features of the BMW X4 M40i hint at its sporting nature. BMW xDrive, 8-speed Steptronic gearbox, variable sport steering, and M sport differential are all included in the M Aerodynamic efficiency package and flawlessly synchronized combination of driving and suspension technology.


The BMW X4 retains the X6’s distinctiveness while making it cheaper and more livable thanks to its smaller size, improved proportions, and improved engine performance. The X4 has a sporting character in its power and driving characteristics, and it feels and looks the part due to its striking design and sophisticated interior.

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