5 Best Tyre Brands in UAE – A Comprehensive Review

Are you a car owner and looking for some best tyres in UAE? Read on because you will find the top tyre brands in the United Arab Emirates in this article. The automobile culture is becoming increasingly popular around the world including the UAE. Moreover, people are crazy about hoarding unique and trendy cars. This passion for cars has made the public more conscious about their vehicle tyres.
best tyres in uae

Tyres are an essential component of a vehicle for movement and road safety. They have an important role in either causing or preventing accidents. 

And finding the best tyres for your vehicle is always challenging, especially when you have limited knowledge of the automobile industry.

Let’s explore some of the reliable tyres in UAE with our expert reviews!

5 Top Tyre Brands in UAE – A Comprehensive Review

Many tyre companies are accessible in different areas of the UAE. For example, Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental AG, Yokohama, Pirelli, Dunlop, Kenda, Cooper tyre, Hankook, and many more. However, we will elaborate here only 5 Top Tyre brands in UAE for the interest of our readers.


Michelin, a French tyre manufacturer, is the most wanted and the top tyre brand in the UAE. 

Michelin Tyres are a preferred brand in automobile racing events. They are trusted around the globe and probably the leading tyre brand in the Emirates.

It is available for every type of services such as buses, trucks, earthmovers, and others. It is a stop shop for tyres used in motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and trucks. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for weather-resistant or all-season tyres then Michelin tyres are undoubtedly the best tyres for hot weather in the UAE. 

Here are some popular tyres manufactured by Michelin:

  • Primacy All-Season tyres – Suitable for Passenger Cars.
  • Defender T + H tyres – Long-Lasting tyres for Passenger Cars & SUV Crossover.
  • Energy Saver All-Season Tyres –  All-Season Safety tyres for Passenger Cars.
  • Primacy Tour A/S tyres – Premium Quality Tyres for Luxury Performance.
  • Pilot Sport 4 S tyres – Best Quality tyres for Performance Sport.


Like Michelin, Bridgestone, a Japanese tyre brand, is another top tyre brand in the UAE. It is a friction-resistant brand, best for luxury cars in Dubai. Also, it is the foremost option for high-end cars as it balances the wheels easily and ensures your safety while driving.

Bridgestone is the world’s biggest Japanese rubber and tyre manufacturer that competes with Michelin. It is reliable and offers optimum tyre rotation and damage resistance. 

In short, Bridgestone tyres can satisfy all the demands of vehicle drivers. 

Below mentioned are some of the most in-demand tyres manufactured by Bridgestone company:

  • Ecopia – Low Rolling Resistance tyres for Passenger Cars.
  • Potenza – Passenger tyres for Excellent Road Gripping Performance
  • Turanza – Luxury Performance tyres Designed for Prestige Cars
  • Blizzak – Snow & Ice Performance tyres for Compact Cars, Sedans, and Minivans.
  • Dueler – Versatile Performance tyres for Crossover, SUVs, and Dueler Trucks.


Goodyear Rubber and Tyres is an American company that produces original quality tyres in the UAE. The company constantly tries to use the new technology for improving their products. Moreover, it is the only supplier of the well-known NASCAR series

It not only manufactures tyres for cars but also for airplanes and earth-movers. Goodyear tyres is undoubtedly a reliable brand to satisfy your needs. 

Below mentioned are some most famous tyres produced by Goodyear company:

  • Assurance All-Season – Quality tyres for Passenger Cars
  • Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 SUV – Super Quality tyres for SUVs
  • Efficient Grip ROF – Efficient Grip Performance tyres for Passenger Cars
  • ElectricDrive GT – All Season tyres for Electric Vehicles
  • Eagle F1 Sport – Ultra High-Performance tyres for Sport Vehicles


Dunlop, a tyre brand that originated from Ireland, is a well-known company and is a derivative of Goodyear tyres. Many car owners choose to install Dunlop tyres in their cars. Dunlop can serve almost every tyre customer and every vehicle.

The most amazing thing about Dunlop is that they are suitable for all types of latest cars and also the best tyres for Pajero in UAE. They are also much wanted as the best tyres for UAE weather. 

Here are some popular tyres of the Dunlop brand you must consider;

  • Grandtrek AT20 – All Season tyres for Comfortable SUV Rides
  • SP Sport 5000 – Ultra Sport Performance tyres 
  • SP Sport 7000 A/S – High-Performance tyres for Sport Vehicles
  • Signature HP – All-Season Sport Performance tyres
  • Graspic DS-3 – Winter tyres for Sedans and other Passenger Cars


This Japanese company manufactures all types of tyres and is among one of the best tyres offers in UAE at low prices in comparison to other competitors. If you are looking for a fusion of cheap and the best tyres in UAE, Yokohama is for you. It is the 7th largest tyre manufacturer worldwide with high demand and sales. 

Yokohama is the best option for those who want to buy an affordable product with standard performance. Moreover, these tyres are also suitable for the countryside of Dubai.

Here are some famous Yokohama tyres:

  • Advan Fleva V 701 – Perfectly Designed for Passenger Cars
  • Advan Sport A/S – Ultimate All Season tyres for Passenger Cars
  • Avid Ascend GT – Premium tyres for SUVs
  • Avid Touring S – tyres for Minivans
  • Advan Neova AD08R – Supreme Quality tyres for Performance Cars

Final Words

The choice of tyres is always a difficult decision for vehicle owners in UAE. The tyres usually wear out quickly due to the hot weather in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other emirates. In this article, we have discussed the best tyres in UAE that can save you from dangerous accidents and other misfortunate incidents.

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