10 Best Car Gadgets For Stress-Free Driving In UAE

10 Best Car Gadgets For Stress-Free Driving In UAE

Driving is fun, and you are lucky if you get a chance to explore the unforgettable experience of driving on Dubai roads. Dubai has an excellent public transport system, including buses, the Metro, and water buses. If you prefer to drive at your own pace and go anywhere, anytime, then having your car full of convenience is essential.

A car fitted with useful gadgets not only makes your journey stress-free; they are also a lifesaver for keeping your car’s interior tidy. A phone mount for hands-free calling, a charger for your phone, cup holders for enjoying coffee without spilling, compartments for food, and other items are vital to elevating your driving experience.

Now you surely want to discover more about these gadgets you didn’t even realize you needed.

We have compiled a list of some of the finest car gadgets that give the best customer experience, and you should strongly consider adding them to your vehicle.

Accessories That You Must Have In Your Car

The list of car gadgets available in the market for your ease is very long, and each one has its own purpose, design, and efficacy. Let see what we gather for you. 

1. Car Locator

You often forget where you’ve parked your car. It’s prevalent, and many of us face the same issue on and of. Mostly when we don’t know much about the place. The reliable and accurate car locators in your glove box solve this issue in a jiff. They can track and guide you to your car even if you are moving. The accuracy of these car locators improves as soon as you get closer to other iOS-based devices.

What is appealing about the car locator?

  • These car locators are accurate, reliable, and worth every Dirham.
  • It Improves the security of your vehicles.
  • It can be compatible with iPhones, iPad operating systems, and Android devices.

2. Gap Filler 

Your entire focus should be on the road at the time of driving. If your hands make all kinds of flexible, break-dance moves to collect the items from the bottom of the seat, you’re welcome for a mishap. Spare yourself from the hassles of finding things and try car seats Gap filler.

Gap fillers save your phone, keys, wallet, or spare change from slipping into the gaps of your car seats. Place them in front of, around, and behind the seatbelt catch, and never look under the seat for your stuff again.

What’s appealing about Gap fillers

  • It can prevent your belongings from slipping between the car seat and the center console.
  • They also help keep the car floor clean and neat.
  • It can be compatible with almost all types of cars 
  • It helps you Keep your stuff organized 

3. Phone Mount

Nobody wants to miss their essential calls, even at the time of driving. But it’s quite hard to check your phone or answer a call or message. A phone mount is another efficient essential item for your vehicle. It will allow you to see your phone right in front of you without distracting you or obstructing your field of view. This is undoubtedly a great purchase and addition to your car and will help you stay safer when driving.

There are many innovative phone mounts available in the market. We much prefer the magnetic phone mount. It’s seamless to use single-handedly, especially while driving. Take your phone off and stick it back on in an instant. The good thing is it fits well on every type of AC vent.

What’s incredible about Phone Mount

  • Using a car mount keeps your phone secure and prevents it from falling on the floor or between the seats.
  • It helps you focus on the road while using your phone for navigation or taking calls. 
  • It reduces distractions and helps prevent accidents caused by distracted driving.
  • It can be suitable for all kinds of phones.

4. Fast Wireless USB Car Charger

This should come as no surprise. A handy USB charger that plugs into the dashboard will make your life much easier because you will be able to charge your phone on the go without having to bring an adapter or anything else.

When you travel with a USB fast charger, you can never run out of juice when you’re on the road. This is as convenient as it gets, so make sure you always keep one in your car because this is undeniably one of the most valuable accessories you have in your car.

What’s great about the USB Fast Charger? 

  • Faster than any standard charger
  • Compatible with almost all phones and tablets
  • They can charge multiple devices simultaneously without the charger getting overheated.

5. Bluetooth Receiver

Heading towards an out-of-station business meeting and playing your favorite soothing melody during the journey is all you need to charge yourself for your meeting. Bluetooth isn’t available in all cars. Especially economy cars or older models, which don’t feature Bluetooth calling or Bluetooth audio. This is a deal breaker for many.

With a simple Bluetooth receiver that you plug into the cigarette lighter of the car, you can connect to Bluetooth via an FM radio station. These devices usually come with attached USB cables, so you don’t need to worry about not having an outlet for a charger. They will allow you to call and play music through your phone, despite your car not having a Bluetooth system.

What’s magnificent about Bluetooth receivers?

  • Bluetooth receivers are portable and can easily fit in any car.
  • Its connection is reliable and will keep streaming even if Wi-Fi is lagging.

6. Portable Car Trash Bin 

Traveling in the car for many hours a day can get your car quite messy. At that moment, you need something to put your trash on, such as food wrappers. This is where a trash bin for your car will come in handy. Just place it in the door sills, and you have an easy-to-access place to throw your car’s trash. With a portable car trash can, you can keep your vehicle spick and span by disposing of litter in it.

What’s great about a portable car trash can?

  • you can move your bin anywhere you like in your car
  • It’s easy to clean and accessible to everyone in the car.
  • It can prevent any smell from leftover food you want to dispose of from spreading throughout the car.
  • It will keep your car a much cleaner and nicer place throughout the day.
  • It comes in many sizes. you can choose according to your need

7. Mini Fridge

A chilled blueberry cocktail on a scorching afternoon is all you want to relax on your journey. A car cooler and warmer to store all your food and drinks is worth investing in and a wise decision. It’s no less than a blessing, especially if you frequently travel long distances. These personal fridges are spacious enough to store drinks and cocktails. You can easily fit up to seven, or maybe more, soda cans in it. It is a terrific option for storing baby food or bottles, medicine, snacks, and drinks while on the road. 

What’s excellent about the mini-fridge?

  • Mini Fridge is a better alternative to the conventional cooler.
  • It works like your home refrigerator.
  • It keeps your food and beverages chilled and frozen for as long as needed.
  • Your carbonated drinks, water, medicines, and face packs, which need to be at cold temperatures during the journey, are now saved in the car mini fridge.

 8. Heads-up Display

A heads-up display is an excellent addition to your car’s gadget list. Many companies have already started providing them in the car, but if your vehicle is not among those, you should consider adding them to your car accessories. The heads-up display will make your life stress-free, as you can see your speed right in front of you on the dash instead of having to look down at the speedo to check, so you can lift your foot off the accelerator if you find yourself going over the speed limit. Staying at a limited speed helps you avoid potential fines.

What’s great about the head-up display?

  • A head-up display is multitasking. You can check speed and direction at a glance with it.
  • It helps you stay informed while keeping you focused on the road ahead.
  • It improves the interaction between the driver and the vehicle on the road.
  • It creates a more intuitive visual experience. 

9. Headrest Hooks: 

Does a sudden brake cause all your belongings to tumble over each other in the backseat? Consider buying this headrest hook set to keep your handbag, grocery bags, umbrellas, and even clothes organized. It prevents backseat clutter and makes more legroom at the back. They are made with heavy-duty metal, holding heavy loads without snagging or breaking.

What’s excellent about headrest hooks?

  • Using and installing the hooks is easy and quick.
  • These splendid hooks will keep the car organized and your items within reach.
  • You can easily mount your mobile and tablets on it.
  • They have a decent load capacity despite the small size.

 10. Window Sunshade

A sunshade you can stick to your window is a great temporary option if you can’t tint the vehicle. These sunshades will protect your passengers from the sweltering sun during the summer. It also helps keep the blinding rays from the car’s side windows out of your eyes.

It’s a great purchase and will make your life easier. Moreover, you can remove it and put it aside for clear visibility during the night.

What’s excellent about window sunshades?

  • Sun shades allow you to comfortably sit in the car without breaking too much of a sweat.
  • It lessens the load on your vehicle’s cooling system.
  • It prevents your electronics from overheating. 
  • It shields the car interior from harmful UV rays.

These incredible car gadgets will definitely make your life much more stress-free. It gives you a magnificent journey experience while you’re in the vehicle. If you want to alter your car’s appearance, these gadgets are terrific options to consider.

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